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In February 2014 alone, 182 million Americans watched 49 billion online content videos. With video everywhere, 24/7, associations are actively using it in a variety of ways. Whether large or small, we want to incorporate video and it can be especially compelling as a learning tool. With user-generated content at the flick of a switch, video seems so simple. Is simple effective for professional development? What about production focused on content for learning? What are reasonable video strategies that really can advance learning? Three associations will tell their video stories, explain their strategies, and share samples. Leave this session with practical approaches for your association video strategy.

Speakers: Will Avgerakis, director, Creative Services, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Amanda Batson, Chief Executive Officer, ADB Partners, Mark Dorsey, Executive Director and CEO, American Snowsports Education Association, Noel Waghorn, Lead Writer/Producer, American Chemical Society

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6 Questions That Shape Basic Video Strategy

Session Notes

Find whitepaper — 6 big questions that drive video strategy. big question about video is length — however, consider that you need the first 30 seconds to capture attention, then they may stay for up to the 4 minutes max

three groups: public at large, general membership, professional dev participants.

Video for Public at large — Noel, American Chemical Society. Deal with lots of scientist whose challenge is communicating with public. amerchemsoc (youtube channel). “Can Sweat Power Your Smartphone?” $1000 (for stock footage and freelancer at remote location) = 100,000 views on youtube. Hooked them with title — and people ended up watching it anyway. 90 seconds long. Finding topics of interest to public was key here. Find stories and tease them out to draw public.

Video for general membership — Will — producer of 300 programs a year. American Institute of CPAs, 400k members across US. animation, graphic design, well done script. CGNA Defined by AICPA. Structure and story telling is essential — use analogies, NOTHING is more valuable than good audio. Use a wired mic. I bought this one four months ago that I normally plug into my iPhone with great results:

Audio-Technica ATR-3350 Lavalier Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone

Video for Professional Development — Mark — 31k, staff of 14, budget 3.8 million. snow board instruction. We have to convey dynamic info to members. digital strategy (video is part of this). print? why is there NOT a video component to it? Digital first strategy, we have to deliver whenever and wherever he wants it. Everything had to have a video component. In addition, it will have stop motion pthotos, enhanced graphics. Can do this on ALL mobile devices regardless of OS. 74-100 megabytes. If it has a print component, it has a video component. How much? 20k to shoot video including talent, videographer, and post production. Sold out manual — paid for itself in 60 days. Platform for hosting — private Quad graphics for magazine.


CLOSE CAPTION — don’t expect youtube to do a good job for you. You may want to offer a video with close caption you provide.