Need a great way to stand out from the crowd, engage your customers, build your brand, showcase your talent and offerings, and make a strong impression?

Consider creating a Facebook Live video that provides a tour of the store and/or you describing your featured products. The video can be an ideal way to introduce yourself to new customers, confirm to everyone you are a local florist/business (an important aspect to tout these days) and provide you the opportunity to build the value of your offerings.

What do you need? A smartphone, a strong wi-fi connection, an employee or assistant with a steady hand and a well-lit area of your shop. For your first video, you can show different styles of arrangements to your customers. Consider creating three-tofive arrangements you feel showcase your unique style. On camera, be ready to describe your style, the flower varieties featured in the arrangements, suggested recipients, shelf life to underscore value, color and a range of prices. Exude confidence and be the expert! Don’t forget to add in the video telephone, website and delivery information.

Next, let’s walk you through how you would start a Facebook Live feed. Begin by launching the Facebook App on your smartphone and go to your Page by clicking the three lines in the lower right and then clicking your Page icon at the top. Click the Publish button, then click Live Video.

Now this is important. Avoid capturing vertically formatted video by turning your smartphone to the left. What’s vertical video? Check this link: https://

Next, write a very good description to help draw viewers during the broadcast. See screenshots on this page as examples of how your smartphone screen should look as you write with a description (see Screenshot #1) to capture video format in a horizontal, and correct, format. Hit Done and return to the Live video screen. Click on the big blue button on the right to start the broadcast (see Screenshot #2).

Chat for a minimum of five minutes to allow Facebook to draw viewers. Consider staying on for at least 10 minutes. This may run contrary to video best practices we have shared in the past where we advise to keep videos short and sweet at around a minute. However, Facebook is a different animal so be sure to feature videos that are more informational or how-to oriented. Once the broadcast is complete, you have the option to create a Post. Please do so – you’ll find these types of videos will draw the most engagements among your Posts.