facebook leads ads graphicDo you want to build your wedding business? Are you looking for a new way to reach brides in your local area? It’s a good bet you’ll find solid prospects by targeting them on their mobile devices, most likely by engaging friends and family on Facebook. In this issue of floriology, we focus on how you can use Facebook Lead Ads to reach this critical audience.

Before we get into it, let’s look at some relevant statistics. First, let’s talk about those brides – up to 88 percent of women, ages 18-40, use Facebook. Next, 47 percent of users access the social site using just their mobile device, spending on average 20 minutes per day on Facebook.

Yes, Facebook has the right demographics and usage, but what’s the real value of Facebook Lead Ads? Facebook has solved the challenge of collecting leads on mobile devices since it’s usually tough for potential leads to fi ll in information on a tiny screen. This is why, traditionally, marketers pushed people to websites to input this data. Because Facebook already owns this user data; it pre-fills the fields so users can just click a button to submit. The mobile obstacle has been overcome!

Now let’s get started in creating your first Facebook Lead Ad. If you’ve ever created Facebook Ads before, it’s the same process. First, log into the account you use to manage your page and visit www.facebook.com/business/. Next, click “Lead generation.” Give your campaign a name and click Create Ad Account (if you haven’t already done so previously). After clicking the Account, choose the Page you manage.

Now the fun begins – let’s start drilling down into your audience. For Locations, input your service area zip codes and city or cities. For Age, I’d keep the default, 18-65+ (never say no to repeat customers). For Gender, you may want to keep it “All” if you’re also targeting LGBT weddings. For Languages, enter English but also any languages of any ethnic communities you serve in your area.

Next, enter Detailed Targeting terms. Suggestions: Newly engaged (1 year, 3 months, 6 months); Bride, Bride & Groom Magazine, and Brides (magazine); wedding and event planning, wedding ideas, wedding planning and weddings. Please don’t limit yourself to these selections, as Facebook will provide more suggestions when you enter keywords you think are relevant. Forego adding a Connection type then hit “Save This Audience” and give it a name.

Facebook will then ask you about Placement. We recommend Automatic Placements, since Facebook may also include Instagram as an ideal placement – brides love Instagram too! Proceed to budget. The default will be $20, which we recommend. You can always adjust this depending on how well the campaign is performing or to
increase the number of leads.

Your last task is to create the Lead Form. Select this option under Ad and click New Form. You can opt to have a welcome screen. The school of thought is less is more, but this may be an opportunity to provide a context for your offer. Next are your questions. Again, less is more, so keep it under three but be sure to click on the User Information option, as you may want to ask for their phone number and other info you’ll need.

Next, you’ll need to link to your shop’s privacy policy since you’ll be collecting customer information. An easy way to do this is to post it on your website and link to this page. Lastly, you can push them to a “Thank You” page on your website. This doesn’t really need to be an actual thank you page, so consider a landing page filled with all your wedding arrangements – a great way to showcase your talent and reinforce lead submission!

Click here to download the full Floriology 2017 March-April, Facebook-Lead Ads.