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Technology, digital marketing and trend features written while I served as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Society of American Florists for Floral Management Magazine.

Pay to Play

Maris Angolia of Karin’s Florist in Vienna, Virginia, takes pride in having few customer complaints. On the rare occasion a customer is disappointed, Angolia resolves the issue quickly. So, when a handful of customers called to complain about deliveries that never...

Floral Management June 2015 Technology Feature: Search and Rescue

Most people know and use Google. They use this massive company's search product to commonly find a needle in the haystack and more often than not, to buy stuff. Therefore, many businesses rely on these results for income -- being no. 1 on search results would be...

Defy Your Size Online

When you hear folks say the Web is the "great equalizer" this is what they're talking about: regardless of how big or small your business, you could be perceived to be a huge player if you have the savvy to strategically create and place your content online. I talk...

The Deadly Sins of Web Design

Many online retailers can boast 10s of thousands, maybe 100s of thousands of visits to their websites. But the real question is: how many of this visits result in conversion? Conversion is a sale, pure and simple. So if you have a five-percent conversion rate -- above...

Shape Up!

What's your take on technology? Helps business? Afraid of it? Pass it off to someone else? Apathetic? All these reason don't really matter because bottomline, it impacts your bottomline. If you happen to embrace it, then you're probably making money. If you don't, you...

12 Online Outposts Survival-Minded Florists Must Claim

The economy is picking up and much of it is happening online. The question is: will you be found by this new type of shopper in the burgeoning online marketplace? As mention in this article, a great website is not enough -- even with great SEO! You need to be sure...

Smartphones, Smart Shoppers, Smart Florist?

Florists often ask me: what's the next big technology "thing." I simply dig into my pocket and pull out my iPhone and search for "florist" in the Google app. No need to put a city or state, simply "florist." In a few seconds, my smartphone -- which knows exactly where...

Sustainable Living

How we grow our own food at


floriology institute

Hello! I’m Renato and serve as Vice President of Digital Strategy and Education at BloomNet, a premier florist services company. My primary role is to serve BloomNet’s member florists by developing customized services and solutions focusing on search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media, content marketing and mobile strategy to help them build web sales and engage customers. I also serve as lead educator for new technology, digital marketing strategy and business, consumer and demographic trends at the Floriology Institute in Jacksonville, FL.

asae DELP programPrior, I served as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Society of American Florists (SAF), the floral industry’s trade organization providing marketing, technology and government relations for flower growers, suppliers, wholesalers and retailers.

I regularly evangelize technology and marketing benefits and best practices through a weekly blog at, a monthly column in Floriology magazine, articles in state and regional floral association publications, presentations at floral industry events, monthly webinars, on social media and chat (yes, on the phone) with BloomNet members to help solve their challenges.

asae DELP programI served as an active volunteer for the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) where I chaired the ASAE Technology Council, was a founding member of the Young Professionals Committee and continue to be active as a Diversity Executive Leadership Scholar (DELP).