Pinterest logoIf you have a vibrant wedding business, you’ve seen plenty of Pinterest boards from potential clients. What we’d like to talk about in this issue of floriology and next is how you can leverage this growing social media beyond the wedding business and start selling your everyday offerings.

If you’re not familiar with how Pinterest works, let’s explain. As users browse online, they can save images and write descriptions, which they post as “Pins.” They organize their Pins on “Boards” they create, which are collections of Pins. Users usually sort Boards by interest, topic, or product categories. Followers see these Pins and can re-pin them to their own Boards, share to other social media, or share with other Pinners. Pins can also be found by anyone just by searching Pinterest.

Download the entire article, “Pique Your Pinterest” in the Floriology September-October 2017 issue here.