We love potatoes! The only thing I don’t love is the back-breaking work required to grow potatoes since it usually requires displacing lots of soil. This is why several years ago, we started growing potatoes in pots. Soil is still required, but we’ve taken out much of the digging.

What we do is we take empty pots and fill the bottom with a layer of soil with compost. We place the potato seed at the bottom and start to water. As the plant grows, we begin to bury it with more soil and compost. As the plant reaches the top lip of the pot, we continue to bury it with more soil. Beyond this point, we let the plant grow normally and support it with a circular trellis. Potatoes will begin to develop at the points of the plant which are buried.

Potato harvest is now easy. Rather than having to dig up the potatoes from the ground (and potentially damaging them in the process), all you need to do is tip the pot over and harvest the potatoes! More pics of this process later.