ASAE Online Conference for Small Staff Associations, February 17-19, 2015

When fellow association executives of medium or small staff associations request for me to present on technology to peers, it’s hard to resist — technology is a challenge for the large associations but who usually manage due to more resources but when you have 1-2-3-4 staff? It’s a challenge that is next to impossible to overcome, unless you have the right knowledge.

During this session, I share some tips on how to reuse, recycle and repurpose exhueyisting technology such as the venerable ATX PC (which I compared to the venerable Huey — which you can eternally maintain with spare parts) and how to leverage lots of the free, open-source software to keep you productive such as LibreOffice and WordPress, a free CMS to publish a website at minimum expense.

I also share business technology trends that small staff association absolutely need to adopt such as cloud and mobile to stay relevant.

Click here to download the slides.