Session Description #tech14 LH1

The education landscape of 2020 will be characterized by the blurring of boundaries. Learning anywhere and anytime will be commonplace in many different ways based on the ubiquitous and innovative use of technology. Our organizations face a duality of change—conceptual and technological—regarding the practices of education and learning. The practices of teaching, presenting and learning will undergo fundamental change as it responds to global, social, political, technological and of course, learning research trends. Will your organization be ready and prepared to take advantage of these seismic changes to education, learning, and technology?

Speaker: Jeff Hurt, EVP, education & engagement, Velvet Chainsaw Consulting

Session Notes

We’ll define how the transmission learning to transformational learning your assocation. discuss association education legacies that must change to address 2020 learning, three steps to select tech tools and learning methods. bonus: explore how to from digital learning challenge 2020 for change.

If you’re a trade org, you want to lead members and non-members. BLENDED instruction more effective. half of universities will be bankrupt within 1 year due to impact of online learning on their current business models.

Students wil have choice of instructors — free agent presenters. greatest asset university now hold.

Why bring up higher ed? blurring of education. it doesn’t matter if it comes from trade org or higher ed. It’s the value of education provided. think blending media spaces, one leads to another, pulling online into f2f, using f2f in hybrids.

2020 – education experience will improve, not delivery of content. Online learning is a content dump on someone @JeffHurt

MUVE multi virtual experiences. (second life). world of warcraft. learning is social (i need feedback). learning by yourself –cramming for test is an example. When we read info, and reread, we are just familiar with the words. But not really learned concept. Social learning is foundation for MUVE.

Focus on learning design, not content development. also move to performance based, not learning scrap. learning prompts & job aids, to improve memory, retention and application. how could we help them remember? How can we give them a job aid?

Tailored info pathways based on learning analytics. HUGE field now. Orgs shifting to be sole, largest — know more about learning analytics.

The way it is = scattered sources like books, reports, courses to the individual which results in coherence of information. How does tech help? in the CURATION of information.

Time shifted learning — move away from appointment learning. DML -digial media learning.

metacognition –thinking about thinking. help them how to understand how their brain learns. we’ll all become students of learning. “Just in need learning” transmission learning –traditional -sitting in lecture produces learning. if listening to spoken word cause behavior change, this place would be a different place (think church).

transmission learning is linear, beginning and end, audience are containers to fill = surface learning, fosters cramming, odds with learning research. Transformational learning. what opportunities or threats exist for your association to shift from transmission learning to transformational learning?

certification = butts in chairs — there is a knowledge acquisition shift: from memorizing facts & data to experience based learning.